Carscallen Property

About the Carscallen Property 

The Property is located 25 kilometres west of the center of the City of Timmins and 7 kilometres north of the Lake Shore Gold, Timmins Mine which produced an aggregate of 185,600 ounces in 2014.

Previous workers stripped a large area on the Property revealing quartz-carbonate-sericite alteration that is exposed for 25 metres across strike and at least 20 metres along strike and is overlain by overburden to the north and east. The alteration package contains quartz-carbonate vein stockwork with veins from 3 to 7 centimetres thick and dipping from 10 to 30 to the southeast. There are many similarities with the quartz-carbonate-sericite alteration on the Property and mines in the Porcupine Mining Camp which has produced approximately 70 million ounces of gold to present.

Some veins are a light smoky colour and others contain associated black tourmaline all of which display pyrite haloes of up to 5%.

There is a small timbered shaft 220 metres northwest of the stripped area. The depth of the shaft is presently unknown. A regional north/south fault is exposed in outcrop 220 metres northwest of the above mentioned shaft. The fault exhibits abundant quartz-carbonate veining in a carbonate-sericite alteration package similar to the stripped area. A large pit was excavated 56 metres southwest of the fault exposure adjacent to a quartz-carbonate vein that appears to be greater than 1 metre in thickness and dips to the west.

Grab samples were taken in 2013 and 2015 and returned values from trace to 3.21 gpt gold. The shaft 1 area returned values of 0.007 gpt gold and 0.009 gpt gold, the shaft 2 area returned 0.261 gpt gold. The stripped area had 18 samples taken with values from 0.0025 gpt gold to 3.21 gpt gold. Eight of the samples were over 0.5 gpt gold. Historic assays of grab samples have been reported as high as 4.51 ounces per ton (155 gpt) in a MNDM publication, Mineral Deposits Circular 13 but values have not been substantiated as yet.

The qualified person in charge of the Carscallen Property and the person who prepared the technical data in this release is William McRae, PGeo., MSc.

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